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Dobby! Pewds disabled the comments because so many people spammed shit but he also said he would read reddit and twitter. Where people can talk in a moderated manner. Give new ideas to him and also say what they don’t like.

Anita Labertasche disabled the comments not only because of assholes but also because she hates critic. She also never gave another option to her viewers to discuss her videos on another website.

The whole thing about “this are only educational videos not meant  for discussion” is bullshit. When I read things in a school book we discussed it so everyone would understand it and also comment on it.
She says something and everyone needs to believe her? That’s not how learning works. At least not in this century anymore.

I really like your art. And that OT3 piece makes me want to cry because I expect the worst to happen to them in the future and I don't want that and we need some more history. I need the next episode now. the feels.

I pray to the anime gods that nothing bad will happen….but they don’t respond…So if something bad happens I will ignore this for the rest of my life!!!

Thank you I’m glad you like it.


Telltale: Here's this character.
Telltale: They can die, or you can save them.
Telltale: I see you saved them...
Telltale: They die anyway!


roses are squirrel

violets are squirrel

where is sofia